Friday, October 17, 2008


My birthday with "My Girls"! These women have renewed my faith in friendship! I have had a tough time with so called "friends" recently and thought I could never trust anyone else as a true friend. I was wrong! These women and several more not pictured have changed my view of friendship for good. I now know what a real friend is. One who gives without thought of getting, one who makes time during busy and hectic lives to spend with you, one who takes the time to learn about you and knows you inside and out, one who loves your family as much as you love theirs, one who does kind gestures without provocation, one who wants to be with you and spend time with you, one who loves you despite your faults...these are true friends.
I have been "friends" with a taker and never a giver. One who never cared as much about my child and family as I did about theirs, one who only considered what was best for them and not for anyone else , and , most especially, one who would never admit any fault and only cast blame onto me... this type of sociopathic friendship is very sad and heartbreaking for me, the one who did love and care, for the friend and their children and family. I have learned hard lessons and continue to do so as this person still lives in their fantasy world. It is hard growing up and accepting responsibility especially if you are the type of person who only takes. For me, giving is the joy I have. I love to give and make my real friends happy. It is so sad that you must suffer the false friends to find your real friends!
I am so happy to say that, at long last, I have found real friends. Women who care about me and my family. Who call to check on us. Who come to visit because they love and miss us. Who give to us so unselfishly just to make us happy without expecting anything in return. Who are sad when we aren't around. I urge you to hang on to these people because there are such awful people in the world who only care about themselves and just take and take.
I have been blessed with a circle of friends who not only love us, but who care about our well being. This is so new to me and I am so grateful for these women and their families. After the harsh realization that people can be just BAD it is so nice to find that people can be just GOOD too! I am a survivor of chronic illness, the loss of a parent and the chronic illnesses of my other parent and sibling. This makes me grateful for everyday that I have and so sad for the ugly people I once though of as "friends". They are pitiful to me and I am so sad for them and such ugly heartlessness.
I can say with all my heart that I have found such happiness with both my family and my friends... That is so amazing to me. I have been so blessed to be where I am in my life surrounded by people who love me and laughing at people who threw us away... what a loss for them and a blessing for us. We are where we belong and so happy like never before! So, I send this out into the great big world to say... Thank you for all who love us and "too bad for you" to those who only care about themselves. I am a lucky girl and as for "those people" they will reap what they sew. It is what it is. I love you my friends and "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart.

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