Saturday, October 11, 2008

NOT Organized But Cute!

Today I dragged myself out of bed and began to tackle my mile long "To Do" list. It felt really good to get some things done, even though I still feel yucky. So, here is what I worked on today:
  • A class sign for The Princesses teacher
  • Book labels for teacher
  • Adorable invitations for our Halloween party
  • Super cute Halloween Countdown for The Princess and some of my friends' kids
  • Helped Hubby in the yard with the Halloween decorations... Hubby has done some fabulous landscaping. I'll post pics soon!
  • STARTED working on some of the many piles around the house

It felt great to cross these off my list. I have lots to do tomorrow to get ready for an insanely busy week. Every day is booked! Not only with work and obligations but also with some fun activities too. I am meeting a friend for coffee, I am getting my butt back to the gym, I am going to lunch with my girlfriends for my birthday (better late than never!), and, of course, volunteering at school and eating lunch with The Princess. I try not to pack my days too full because I get tired very easily and usually must lay down at least once a day. I also try not to only plan yucky things that make me dread getting up in the morning. It's hard enough for me to get up, I am so not a morning person, so I like to schedule things to look forward to.

As I was tidying up the Master Bedroom today, I noticed a bunch of toys that The Princess left in there. I was thinking "Geez, this kid leaves toys everywhere, what am I gonna do with her? I need to.... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH." Then, out of the blue, I noticed a pattern to the toys. She had her little bench at the end of my bed. She had some favorite stuffed animals IN my bed. She had her megaphone by the bench and her favorite monkey blanket (she is obsessed with monkeys) IN my bed too. Well, I guess you have to know my daughter, but all of this adds up to PURE CUTENESS on her part. I have been sick in bed all week and my precious angle dragged in her bench and megaphone and placed it at the foot of my bed so she could sing me songs. She left her favorite blanket and stuffed animals in my bed to comfort me! I actually have tears in my eyes writing this.

My child is the sweetest girl on earth. She always wants people to be happy and to be well. When ever I get sick she takes care of me, getting me drinks and snacks. When she spends the night with Meme (my mom) she always has to take something of mine and leave me something of hers. She carries a picture of me to school everyday... she was getting sad each day but her fabulous teacher told her that whenever she got sad for her mommy, she could come and get a hug from her instead. It worked too, her teacher tells me that The Princess starts getting sad and runs to get a hug several times a day :) -how adorable is that? I started sending in a picture of me too and now she takes it to school and she sleeps with it.

Now, don't misunderstand, The Princess is very independent! She has tons of friends and is highly social. She can go to the park and walk right up to a little kid and ask them to play. The sensitive side of her comes out when she is in new situations or when she is tired or not feeling well. Every night she wants to cuddle with me and we have "5 minute slumber parties" which are just us laying in her bed with the lights off talking and cuddling. I cherish those moments...

So, all of this leads me to my bedroom is not organized right now and, in my rush to put everything in its place, I almost missed my daughters' symbols of love for me. Stop and Smell The Roses comes to mind. I was so close to overlooking the cute things that my Princess did just for me! So, I left her things right where she put them. I am looking at them right now and knowing what she was thinking when she put them there and just overflowing with love for my baby girl who is growing up so fast! I have decided to take a closer look at things around my house and maybe, just maybe, all those piles aren't just random messes but maybe they are there for a sweet, innocent 7 year old reason!

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