Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fabulous Halloween Countdown!

I found these adorable Halloween Countdown posters at MeckMom. Go here and check it out. She is letting us download and print them for free and I can't wait. The countdown actually starts on Oct.17 so you have a few days to get your stuff together. Here is what I plan on doing with these fabulous posters:
  • Print posters and glue them to a larger sheet of black or orange construction paper.
  • Use my Cropadile to put eyelets at the top of each corner.
  • Treat some cute Halloween ribbon through each eyelet and knot in front.
  • This will create a ribbon hanger for the countdown.
  • Next, get a medium sized white or brown paper bag with handles and decorate them with Halloween stickers or stamps .
  • Fill each bag with 14 Googly eyes(that is the amount needed to fill the countdown) and a bag of chocolate eyeball candy.
  • Tie some cute ribbon onto the bags and you are finished!

These gifts are perfect for your friends who have children. Each day someone gets to put an eyeball onto the poster and then get a piece of candy, just like a Christmas Advent Calendar. I can't wait to put these goodies together and Post a pic for all to see!

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