Monday, October 6, 2008

The New House

Last January we (my hubby-Big D, my daughter-Princess, my cat- Fatty, and myself) moved into our new home. This is it, the last move. Big D and I lived in an apartment then moved into our "starter home" then, finally, ended up here. I love it here. We live in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. Filled with trees, plants and sidewalks. Beautiful houses filled with families and children for Princess to play with. Lots of Stay at Home Moms for me to play with. It is quite the lovely setting.

We had always said we would build our last house so we could fill it with all of the "just right" things we wanted. Alas, that was not to be... we did build our house but through a series of unfortunate events, it was sold to another family. How sad we were then but now being where we are and looking at that house and neighborhood compared to this one, we got lucky! This house is bigger, on a culdesac, backed up to a lake with a small forest all around! We can look out the entire back of the house at our lake and trees and it is amazing!

No, we didn't build it. No, it does not have all of the "just right" things in it. No, I would not have made many of the structural choices that were made in building the house. No, I do not think my house is very pretty to look at- the siding and shutters are just not my taste... BUT, this is our home and all of the little things that irk me are far outweighed by the big things that came with the house. To name a few: the sweetest next door neighbors on earth with children Princesses age and whom I could trust with our lives. We have become real friends and I don't know what I would do without them. The other neighbors who have welcomed me with open arms and also become friends. Monthly Bunco with the neighbor women. Walking in the mornings after we put the kids on the bus. Impromptu "parties" on random nights with friends just showing up carrying bottles of wine and ordering pizza. Weekly lunches with us Moms... just to name a few.

As for the house, I have had to re frame my thinking from moving into the perfect house with all the perfect stuff in into the almost perfect house that needs a lot of work to make it perfect for my family. So I will roll up my sleeves and make this house the project of a lifetime. Big D and I are still young and we aren't going anywhere so we have lot's of time to make this place whatever we want it to be. I will focus a good deal of my blogs on the progress of my house. Right now I am in the chaos stage with not enough furniture and too much stuff in piles. I will add pictures before and after as I clear the clutter and organize the house while being a chronically ill Mom and wife but that is another blog for another day and it is what it is!

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