Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ornganize Your Week

So, I've already discussed my planner and the love I have for it. This is how I organize my week. I have already written down weekly events such as my volunteering commitments, going to the gym, weekly discussion group and weekly lunch date with my girlfriends. I have already written down any appointments I have made. I have already written down any invitations to events that I have received....So now what?

Well, now you have to actually look at your planner! I look at mine 100 times a day, at least. Now that all of my commitments are in there, I can plan my errands and anything else that comes up around my posted appointments. I try to do my errands when I am already close to the store I need to go to. For example, my gym is by Wal Mart and the Dollar Tree so I know that I will plan to go to those stores on one of my gym days. Here is how my week looks:
  • Monday- Gym, Dollar Tree, Wal Mart, Clean kitchen and mudroom,start work on Charity Auction Candy Bouquet, discussion group
  • Tuesday- Class Volunteer, Eat lunch with Princess, Clean living room,playroom,bathroom (downstairs), laundry, dust
  • Wednesday- Gym, work on stuff for teacher, clean master bed and bath,finish Halloween gifts for girlfriends, Dr. appointment, Award Ceremony Dinner with Meme
  • Thursday- Class Volunteer, Birthday Lunch with friends, laundry, change sheets, Birthday Dinner with friend
  • Friday- Gym, Finish cleaning house, make dish for Bunco, Help Princess into Halloween costume for party, Bunco, Princess has friends sleeping over
  • Saturday- Drive friends home, clean house from sleepover, laundry, help with teacher stuff, Charity Auction
  • Sunday- Busch Gardens with family...Pass out from a super fun, too busy week!

Now, will I be able to do everything on my list even with this stupid sinus infection? No Way! BUT, I still write it all down and do what I can do. I know that my energy level is low and now even lower because of my sinus torture so I will take one day at a time, one minute at a time and prioritize as I go. Some things simply HAVE to get done, other things I can postpone or do in steps. Right now, I'm going to bed so I can start the week off right and go to the gym. This does not give me lots of energy like some people but it does make me feel better about myself and motivates me to do more.

By the way, I realize no one reads this blog, I'm not crazy. I love to write and this not only helps organize my thoughts, one day this will be a great diary or maybe a book? Who knows?

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