Saturday, November 1, 2008

October in Review...

A Sickly Month...
Oh what a month, it seems to have last an eternity. My favorite month gone in a Poof with a sinus infection and now...THE FLU! Needless to say I have missed a whole bunch. But my dear husband and Lovely Lilly have had a blast. Here are the Highlights:
The fabulous Halloween Countdown I found on and made for The Princess and her friends. Notice the basket full of eyeball candy next to it. I figured I would make it a true advent and give her a piece of candy for everyday of the countdown. It was a hit!

Yes, that is her pink Christmas dress, it was picture day at school and I though she could get her pics in her dress for Christmas Cards. Of course, my dear friend Carol will be taking family pics now that the leaves are changing colors so we may use those instead. IF I can loose 35 pounds before picture time as I have been laying in bed gaining weight for the last month and can't fit into my clothes!

Carter's Mountain

Every year Big D and I take the Princess to Carter's Mountain Apple Orchard in Charllottsville VA. We love it: Fresh hot apple cider, apple chutney, apple pie, apple cookies and our favorite: Apple Doughnuts! YUMMY! We scarf down the D-Do's as Princess calls them and fight for the last one, Princess Lilly always wins :)

Halloween Day

From top to bottom:

1. Princess Lilly in her Halloween dress made by Meme (her Grandma, my Mom)

2. Her class party of which I organized but was too sick to attend so the lovely Moms in class along with Hubby took over and had a delightful time with the kids. I stayed home and cried.

3. Carving the annual pumpkin.

4. All dressed up as a Superstar to go Trick or Treat then home to a party in ours and our neighbors back yard also of which I was supposed to co- host but my dear friend Vandee, her hubby, my hubby and my mom took over and had a blast for all the adults and kids in our neighborhood. I stayed home and cried.

So now Halloween is over. I have missed it and all the fun too. I am still in bed but very thankful to my family and friends for helping me with my projects and parties and for making Halloween fun for my precious daughter.

I love you all.

Happy Fall!

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