Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sick Days/ Tips

When I was little and was sick, my Mom took such great care of me! We only had one TV so she would make me a cozy "nest" of blankets and pillows on the couch and let me watch cartoons as I dozed in and out of sleep. She made sure that she gave me all my medicine on time and would make yummy comfort food like Chicken 'N Dumplings with little puff pastries to soak up the sauce. Then, for dessert, there was always jello or pudding. During the day we would read books, color pictures, tell stories and rest. No matter how sick I was, Mom always made me feel better!

Now I'M the Mom and I'm sick... so this is how Sick Days are NOW... my hubby works odd shifts so he isn't home this morning. I got up with the Princess who is very crabby because she refused to go to sleep last night. Luckily, we had done our evening routine and set out our clothes so she went potty and got herself dressed while I tried not to cry from the pain in my head. The Princess does not eat breakfast, not ever, even though she got to pick a variety of foods she PROMISED she would eat for breakfast so that was a battle I just couldn't fight today.... OOOOPPPPPPSSSSS, today is one of my volunteer days at her school, I am Room Mom and adore her teacher so I hate to let her teacher down but I really feel horrible. SO, as the Princess is throwing a fit because I am not going in today, I find the phone then the number and cancel at the last minute... I hate when I do that. I hate when anyone does that, I just hate to let people down and her teacher works so hard. I feel REALLY bad now!

So, the Princess is dressed, bag packed, called neighbor to give her a ride to school, cat is fed, but now I have to take care of myself. Yes, I know I am 34 years old and quite capable but I don't feeeeeeeeelllllll gooooood. Can you tell I'm whining. OK, I take my medicine, no comfort food, no food at all because yesterday was shopping day and I was sick yesterday too. I grab a green tea, lay in my rumpled bed feeling lousy for not volunteering, not feeding my child breakfast, not grocery shopping and feeling just plain lousy... I want my Mommy!

Since today is Tuesday Tip Day, here are some of my own sick day tips for taking care of your self or your little love

  • Make a Sick Sack- I used a canvas tote and the Princess and I used fabric paint pens to decorate it. I then filled it with fun, low key sick day activities from the Target Dollar Spot and the Dollar Tree... some examples are: coloring books, crayons, finger puppets/ puppet stage, collage making materials (clear contact paper, pom poms, sequins, jewels), yarn, construction paper, scissors...I look every time I'm in the store for little prizes for the Sick Sack, Santa's Stocking or just surprises for being good. I grab them up and hide them so I always have a stash!
  • Get a Lap Desk or Bed Tray- these are great for using in bed and on the couch. The little loves can do their activities on it and you can put your Laptop on it or write letters, lists...
  • Make a stationary basket- I actually use a plastic file box that has a lid and a place to put pens, white out, erasers and such. Stock it with an assortment of cards for every occasion, pretty stationary, address labels, stickers for sealing envelopes, fun pens and a little book of lovely quotes from which to "borrow" for your letter writing. Sick days are a great time to catch up on the lost art of letter writing and/or writing those Thank You notes or Christmas Cards.
  • Keep your pantry stocked with tasty, healthy snacks to munch on during the day.
  • Load up a mini cooler with ice and water or juice so you or your little love will stay hydrated!
  • Pull out your little lovey's favorite books to read or pop in a book on tape and listen together.
  • Put in a movie and snuggle up for some much needed rest.

What works for you on your Sick Days?

I found this video on You Tube. Has anyone ever heard of this? I have read a bit about it and at this point I will try anything, it seems a little different but it is what it is...


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