Friday, October 17, 2008

My Halloween Candy Boquet

Tomorrow night my husband and I are attending a charity event for FANA (Foundation for the Assistance of Abandoned Children). My friend Tracey hostesses the event each year and it is always so lovely with all of the proceeds going to charity. I wanted to donate something for the silent auction so I thought a Candy Bouquet would be perfect...Halloween themed (Of Course!). I love making these, they are such unique gifts and always a crowd pleaser. I make them for all holidays and seasons. I have every kind of container to put the bouquet into. I have plush baskets, ceramic, popular characters like Dora, Spider Man, Princesses...etc.
The problem I always have is my own perfectionism always standing in my way. When I get an order for one or make one as a gift I want each one to be perfect. So, then I start worrying and fretting. I always have my supplies ready to go, all I need is to get the candy. I try to get holiday themed candy or whatever the theme is and I always try to have a centerpiece. Making the bouquet isn't the problem it is during the process, I start second guessing myself! Do I have enough candy, enough decorations, are both sides even, does it look evenly distributed??? AAARRRGGGGG! I must go back and fiddle with the bouquet 100 times until I just have to walk away.
Flylady ( always talks about perfection getting in the way and how it can really be an obstacle! I now realize that it is a huge obstacle in my life and really paralyzing! If I can't do something perfectly, I don't want to do it at all. Well, that can get you into big trouble because nothing is ever perfect! So, I am learning to do my best and let that be enough! I hope that my bouquet raises money for the children and I am going to stop messing with it! It is what it is!

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