Friday, October 10, 2008

Organizing Books

OK, so everyone knows I'm sick and have been lying around looking at my ever growing piles of stuff growing on every horizontal surface. Well, I am also looking at the bookshelves in my bedroom and noticing how many organizing books I have and, amazingly enough, I have read every single one. Well, that got me thinking... I have also read countless organizing books from the library too. AND, I also have organizing books on Cd's that I listen to in the car. AND, I subscribe to and read every organization type magazine there is. AND, I read articles about organizing. AND, I read organizing Blogs obsessively. AND, have ordered organizing ebooks. AND, go to organizing seminars and classes. AND, watch all those organizing TV shows. AND, organize my family and friends homes, cars, purses, you name it... So what does this all mean? How does one become a "Professional Organizer"? I don't mean as a job, I mean, when is someone considered Professional? I have a degree in Biology and another degree in Secondary Education and a minor in Marine Biology so I guess when I graduated and got those degrees that was a defining moment. Now, I have done more work, studying, researching, writing, reading and well, learning about anything as intensely as I have organizing. So, does that make me a professional? Well, If anyone saw my new house the answer would be "NO" for sure but as far as knowledge is concerned, I would have to say "yes". HMMMMM, just a thought.

As far as my new house goes... I am considering this my biggest (literally) organizational challenge. So, maybe, this is like my thesis... my final exam...the big defining organizational moment. As I embark on this long term journey, this house will surely test every piece of my organizational knowledge and thus, make me a "professional". Wow, I just answered my own question. What do you think. This is going to be some journey making this house into a home one baby step at a time. And, for a girl who want everything right now, a test in patience and the necessity to let go of my perfectionism and remember that... it is what it is!

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