Sunday, November 16, 2008

Run, Go Organize Your Pantry

I love when things are neat, tidy, organized and clean. Well, ever since we moved into the new house things have been the exact opposite of that. I have organizing block AND decorating block. Two things that I am so good at I can't seem to do at all now??? Maybe it's because this is our last house, the one we will grow old in and have our grandchildren in. I want it to be perfect, so if I can't do it perfectly, I just don't do it. Smart, right? WRONG...This place is a wreck and because it is bigger than our last house we don't have nearly enough furniture in it to unpack our things "just the right way". We have a list of priorities of things to fix, furniture to buy, decorating idea...etc. It is slow going because of lack of money and energy but I am going insane.

So, any little step in the right direction makes me intensely happy. I am a lover of Blogs. I have "met" the nicest people and learned so much from reading them. One of those is called MeckMom. The site is (I can't make my computer do a link for some reason but here is the URL to:

Go check it out, it is fabulous! She has organizing tips, crafts, downloads, the works! One of her brilliant ideas is for organizing your pantry. Well, I jumped right on that. I already had a ton of matching plastic totes so I printed off her labels and emptied my pantry into the designated tote and OOOOHHHHHH, is it nice (well until DH unloaded groceries and junked it up) but that is the beauty of this system, even if it's thrown into the totes, it is still organized! There is a tote for each category like soups, desserts, snacks, dinner, lunch, breakfast... I made two totes for some categories. Hubby just went grocery shopping so we opened the pantry and put each item in its respective tote. It was so fast so I wanted to share this wonderful blog so you all can do it too. Here is a picture of what your pantry can look like:
Isn't she pretty and SO efficient! MeckMom even lets you download her pretty labels for the totes. I laminated mine and attached them with Velcro dots so if it gets messed up or I change the label I can just Velcro on a new one. This makes me happy. Thanks MeckMom!

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