Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Well, Halloween is officially over and it's time to pack up those decorations and get ready for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. All of the stores are decorated for the holiday and I feel panic setting in. Every year I finish my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving but with this Flu, I don't know if that is possible this year.
Today we went to Target and got 75% off of Halloween decorations but alot of the sale items were also Fall decorations great for Thanksgiving. I will post pictures tomorrow. I did get Halloween costumes 75% off that I will wrap for my Princess for Christmas so she can use them for dress up clothes. We are talking $5.00 for an outfit- Go Me!
I have also planned the class Thanksgiving party and am glad that is done too. Now I will just start putting stuff together.
Have a fabulous day...

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