Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Swap Sweets!

I've been waiting with anticipation for my swap gifts and as I opened the door, this is what I saw.

My swap mate Cas rocks! We had exchanged a few emails, just trying to get a feel for each others taste. Well, let me tell you, this lady is GOOD! She knows me oh so well like we were meant to be friends!
So I open my package and this is what I see...

OMG, my eyes can't even focus! I see pink, I see cookies, I see toile. I can't breath... has a magic fairy been spying on me and given in to all my hearts desires???? Well YES, her name is Cas and just look:
Beautiful, delicious sweet treats, a pink and brown sash that I am gonna use as a belt, a ribbon ornament and a star bath fizzy. Oh, there is more :

Yep, that's right, toile file folders. I heart toile, these exactly match my window treatments! I also love to file. I file everything. I just had to go to the Mart to get a box of 100 boring, icky Manila file folders. On black Friday Hubby and I went out and got me an antique 18th century hand carved desk that has a file drawer into which I will all my gorgeous toile file folders.

Oh yes, there is more:

Do you see that snowman tassel? Good Grief, I just may pass out! That beauty went right up on the light fixture in my living room! It is lush and gorgeous and I adore it! Check out the sparkly red boot and tree. They are so glittery, they make me smile! I put them in my foyer and they pop on my table. Do you see the ribbon just above the card? It has Fleur DE Lis on it. Another obsession of mine. I know just what to do with that but I can't tell yet...

This is Cass's sweet card. She is fabulous and got me every single thing that I told her I loved. Can you imagine opening a box full of things you adore? Well, leave Cas alone, she is my swap buddy and we are gonna keep our swap alive. Next swap, Valentines Day! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEE, I only hope she likes her gifts as much as I love mine!

Did I mention the toile file folders? They are so pretty that I don't even want to use them! This was my very first swap and Oh how fun. I can't wait for Cas and I to do it again! I am in heaven. Thanks Cas, go meet her at her blog but remember, she is allllll mine!

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